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Indulge in the Mystical Fusion of Flavors with Yumz Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar in Fruit Circled Cereal Flavor!

Yumz - Amanita Muscaria - White Chocolate - Fruit Circled Cereal

Our chocolate bar contains 14 grams of dry weight equivalent Amanita Muscaria mushroom. Each gram of mushroom we are able to extract about 7-8 milligrams of Muscimol. The total amount of muscimol per chocolate bar is 100mg. Each chocolate bar has 12 squares. Each square contains 8.3 milligrams of Muscimol 


Unlock a new realm of taste with Yumz's Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar, now available in an enchanting Fruit Circled Cereal flavor. This unique chocolate bar is a harmonious blend of rich cocoa, the earthy undertones of Amanita Muscaria shrooms, and the nostalgic sweetness of your favorite fruit-circled cereal. It's a culinary masterpiece that takes you on a journey through layers of complex flavors and textures, all wrapped up in a single bite.

The Journey of Creation

Our journey began with a simple question: How can we create a chocolate bar that transcends the ordinary? Our team of chocolatiers, culinary experts, and mycologists embarked on a quest to source the finest ingredients and perfect the art of chocolate-making. After months of experimentation, we are proud to present a chocolate bar that is nothing short of magical.

The Philosophy Behind the Flavor

We believe that food should be an experience, not just a means to satiate hunger. The Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a manifestation of this philosophy. It's designed to engage all your senses, from the visually appealing packaging to the intricate layers of flavor that unfold with each bite. It's not just a chocolate bar; it's a symphony of sensory experiences.

Key Features

High-Quality Ingredients

Crafted with premium cocoa beans sourced from sustainable farms, organic Amanita Muscaria mushroom extract, and real fruit-circled cereal bits, our chocolate bar is a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

Unique Flavor Profile

The earthy notes of the mushroom perfectly complement the sweetness of the fruit-circled cereal, creating a balanced and unforgettable taste experience.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Each bar is handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Our chocolatiers meticulously layer each ingredient, creating a multi-dimensional flavor profile that has to be tasted to be believed.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, which is made from biodegradable materials. We believe in treating the Earth with the same care and respect that we put into every chocolate bar.

The Art of Savoring

To truly appreciate the complexity of our Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar, we recommend taking your time. Allow the chocolate to melt slowly on your tongue, savoring each layer of flavor as it unfolds. Notice how the earthy mushroom notes provide a grounding base, while the fruit-circled cereal adds a playful burst of sweetness and texture. It's a culinary dance that's choreographed to perfection, and you have a front-row seat.

Tasting Notes

Upon first bite, the luscious chocolate melts in your mouth, revealing the earthy essence of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. Just when you think you've unraveled its complexity, the fruity crunch of cereal kicks in, leaving you with a delightful aftertaste that lingers long after the last bite.

Usage Instructions

For Best Results

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Our chocolate bars have a shelf life of 12 months, ensuring that you can savor the experience at your own pace.

Serving Suggestions

The versatility of our chocolate bar allows for endless culinary possibilities. Enjoy it on its own, pair it with your morning coffee, crumble it over ice cream, or even incorporate it into your favorite dessert recipes for an extra layer of flavor.

Safety Information

This product contains Amanita Muscaria mushroom extract, which is intended for adult use only. Please consult your doctor before consuming if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical conditions.





Mushroom Chocolate

Mushroom Chocolate Bar

With a vibrant red cap adorned by white spots, Amanita muscaria has held a prominent place in people's hearts and minds, carving a rich history in folklore, mysticism, and shamanistic practices. Of late, this iconic mushroom has been carving a niche in the culinary space, specifically in the form of Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars. This blend of enigmatic fungi and succulent chocolate offers a distinct culinary adventure, sparking interest amongst culinary explorers. In this piece, we journey into the fascinating realm of Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars, investigating their backstory, preparation techniques, potential impacts, and the legal context surrounding their consumption.

A Snapshot in Time: Amanita muscaria, also known as the fly agaric, has a profound historical and cultural importance. Indigenous tribes from different continents have used it in various rites and rituals over the centuries. In Siberian shamanism, the mushroom has a vital role as a hallucinogenic sacrament, believed to encourage spiritual voyages and communication with the spirit world. It has also appeared in ancient artworks and mythologies, symbolizing divinity, magic, and transformation.
The introduction of Amanita muscaria into chocolate bars is a contemporary reinterpretation of the mushroom's historical use. This innovation arose from the aspiration to combine the mushroom's unique sensory experience with the universal delight of chocolate. The amalgamation of Amanita muscaria's earthy flavors with the sweetness of chocolate gives birth to a new culinary expedition.

Recipe and Culinary Strategies (400 words): The manufacture of Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars demands meticulous preparation to ensure safety and the perfect fusion of flavors. It's essential to remember that the mushroom contains psychoactive compounds like muscimol and ibotenic acid. These substances can alter the mind and trigger hallucinations if consumed excessively or if improperly prepared.
To mitigate potential toxicity, Amanita muscaria mushrooms must undergo a process known as decarboxylation. This involves careful drying of the mushroom caps and heat application to convert ibotenic acid into muscimol. This decarboxylation process diminishes the mushroom's psychoactive potency while retaining its unique flavor profile.

After decarboxylation, the mushrooms are ground into a fine powder. This powder is then incorporated into the chocolate-making process. High-grade chocolate, such as dark chocolate or milk chocolate, is melted and tempered to achieve the desired texture and appearance. The Amanita muscaria powder is then carefully blended into the melted chocolate, ensuring even distribution.

Additional ingredients, such as nuts, dried fruits, or spices, are also considered in creating Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars. However, a balance must be struck between the mushroom's unique flavors and the additional ingredients to create a harmonious fusion.

Potential Impacts and Considerations: Consuming Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars may produce varied effects due to the mushroom's psychoactive compounds. However, the dosage and preparation method significantly influence the effects' intensity and nature.
In moderate quantities, Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars may induce mild euphoria, relaxation, and altered sensory perception. Some people may experience heightened creativity and introspection, while others may feel a deeper connection with nature and a sense of spiritual exploration. These effects can vary significantly among individuals, and it's essential to approach the consumption of Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars with caution and respect.

It's crucial to comprehend the potential risks linked with the consumption of Amanita muscaria mushrooms. Incorrect preparation or over-consumption can lead to adverse effects, such as nausea, dizziness, confusion, and in rare instances, toxicity. Therefore, guidance from experienced individuals or professionals versed in the safe preparation and consumption of Amanita muscaria mushrooms is strongly recommended.

Moreover, the legal status of Amanita muscaria mushrooms and their derivatives vary from country to country, and sometimes, even within regions. Therefore, it's vital to research and adhere to the laws and regulations specific to your location before engaging in the cultivation, preparation, or consumption of Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars.

Cultural Importance and Symbolism: Amanita muscaria has woven itself into diverse cultural narratives, making it an enticing subject for exploration. In many cultures, it is associated with rituals, ceremonies, and folklore. Its distinctive appearance, with its bright red cap and white spots, has appeared in art, literature, and popular culture, further enhancing its mystique.
In some indigenous cultures, Amanita muscaria is believed to have spiritual properties and is utilized in shamanic practices. It is seen as a portal to the spiritual realm and a channel for communication with ancestors or spirits. The mushroom's association with altered states of consciousness and transcendence has contributed to its symbolic significance in spiritual and mystical traditions.

The combination of Amanita muscaria with chocolate in the form of mushroom chocolate bars adds another level of symbolism. Chocolate itself has a long history of symbolic value, representing pleasure, indulgence, and sensuality. By pairing it with Amanita muscaria, a unique blend of earthly delights and mystical charm is created, appealing to those seeking a sensory and symbolic experience.

Furthermore, the exploration of Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars provides individuals an opportunity to engage with cultural heritage and connect with the wisdom of ancient traditions. It allows for a deeper understanding of the cultural contexts where the mushroom has had a significant role and offers a modern reinterpretation of its historical usage.

Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars offer a captivating blend of taste, symbolism, and cultural exploration. They represent a contemporary twist on the historical usage of the captivating mushroom, merging its unique flavors with the luxury of chocolate. However, due to the potential psychoactive effects and legal considerations surrounding Amanita muscaria mushrooms, caution is necessary.

It is vital to approach the consumption of Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bars with respect, seeking proper guidance, and understanding the potential risks involved. By doing so, individuals can embark on a culinary voyage that merges ancient shamanic wisdom with the joy of indulging in a sumptuous treat. In essence, the Amanita muscaria mushroom chocolate bar invites us to push our sensory boundaries, celebrate cultural diversity, and embrace the enigmas of the natural world.

Shroom Chocolate

The Emergence of Legal Amanita Muscaria Chocolate: An Intriguing Phenomenon

For centuries, humanity has utilized nature's bounty to enhance perception, spirituality, and personal understanding, often pushing the boundaries of legality and societal acceptance. Today, we are witnessing a surprising development: the rise of legal Amanita Muscaria chocolate.

Introduction to Amanita Muscaria

Before diving into this captivating subject, let's familiarize ourselves with Amanita Muscaria. This mushroom, commonly known as the Fly Agaric, is renowned for its unmistakable appearance, with a bright red cap dotted with white spots. It's frequently depicted in fairytales and popular culture. 

Historically, Amanita Muscaria has held a significant role in various cultures, known for its psychoactive properties. These effects derive from two key compounds: muscimol and ibotenic acid, which, when ingested, can lead to altered states of consciousness. These properties are quite distinct from psilocybin mushrooms (also known as "magic mushrooms"), and the experience is often described as more deliriant than classically psychedelic. 

From Foraging to Formulation: The Rise of Amanita Muscaria Chocolate

Despite being common in nature, Amanita Muscaria is not typically a go-to choice for those seeking a psychedelic experience, mainly due to its potential side effects and the fine line between an effective dose and a potentially harmful one. So, how has it ended up in chocolate, and why are people interested?

To answer this, we must first understand the changing legal landscape of psychedelics. Across the globe, a shift is occurring, decriminalizing and even legalizing the use of psychoactive substances for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. In many jurisdictions, Amanita Muscaria is legal, and its emerging popularity represents an offshoot of the broader societal acceptance of these substances.

Secondly, advances in extraction and preparation techniques have made it safer and easier to ingest Amanita Muscaria. The compounds in these mushrooms need to be appropriately prepared to convert ibotenic acid, which can be toxic, into the less harmful but psychoactive muscimol. This process involves careful drying and heating. When done correctly, the risk of unpleasant side effects is significantly reduced. By incorporating these extracts into a palatable and easily consumable medium - chocolate - entrepreneurs have created a new way for consumers to experience Amanita Muscaria.

A Bite of Psychedelic Delight: What to Expect from Amanita Muscaria Chocolate

When consuming Amanita Muscaria, whether in chocolate form or otherwise, the experience can vary greatly from person to person, and it is considerably different from the effects of psilocybin. Users often report a dream-like state, with amplified emotions, visual distortions, and a sense of physical disconnection or euphoria. Given the complexity of the experience, anyone considering trying Amanita Muscaria chocolate should proceed with caution.

It's also crucial to understand that the legality of Amanita Muscaria doesn't guarantee safety. As with any psychoactive substance, there are risks involved, and these can be heightened by factors such as personal health, mindset, and environment. It's also important to ensure you're purchasing from a reputable source, as the extraction and preparation process requires precision and care.

The Future of Legal Shroom Chocolate

The introduction of legal Amanita Muscaria chocolate illustrates the rapid evolution and innovation in the field of psychoactive substances. As our understanding of these natural compounds expands, so too does our ability to harness their potential benefits and minimize their risks.

This progression isn't exclusive to Amanita Muscaria; countless other mushroom species contain untapped potential, awaiting discovery and utilization. However, as we explore these frontiers, it's essential to maintain a focus on safety, research, and education. 

Amanita Muscaria chocolate is an exciting new chapter in the narrative of psychoactive substances, offering an alternative way to experience the magic of mushrooms. Whether it's a passing trend or a long-term fixture will depend on how its use and effects are managed and understood in the years to come. But for now, its emergence marks a fascinating moment in the ever-evolving story of humanity's relationship with nature and our continuous quest for deeper self-understanding.

Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate

In a world increasingly interested in spiritual growth and higher consciousness, Yumz Lab has introduced a product that resonates with the soul: the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar. This unique fusion of rich chocolate and the mystical Amanita Muscaria mushroom offers a pathway to spiritual enlightenment and a deeper connection with the universe. In this blog post, we'll explore the spiritual dimensions of this extraordinary chocolate bar.

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita Muscaria, also known as the Fly Agaric, is a mushroom species with a rich history in shamanic and spiritual practices. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, this iconic mushroom is easily recognizable by its bright red cap adorned with white spots. It has been revered in various cultures for its ability to facilitate spiritual experiences and elevate consciousness.

The Sacred Fusion of Chocolate and Amanita Muscaria

Yumz Lab has masterfully combined the spiritual essence of Amanita Muscaria with the universally loved taste of chocolate. The chocolate used in this bar is sourced from organic cacao beans, a food long associated with heart-opening and spiritual awakening. The result is a chocolate bar that serves as a gateway to higher realms of consciousness.

A Journey to Higher Consciousness

Spiritual Awakening

The Amanita Muscaria mushroom has been used in shamanic rituals to induce states of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. When combined with the heart-opening qualities of cacao, this chocolate bar becomes a tool for deep inner exploration.

Connection with the Universe

Many who have experienced the Yumz Lab Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar speak of a heightened sense of connection with the universe and all living beings. It serves as a catalyst for understanding the interconnectedness of life.

Mindfulness and Presence

The unique blend of Amanita Muscaria and chocolate can help in grounding you in the present moment. It encourages mindfulness and a heightened awareness of your surroundings, making every experience more profound.

How to Enjoy It

The Yumz Lab Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar can be savored in various ways. Whether you choose to enjoy it during meditation, as part of a spiritual ceremony, or simply as a mindful snack, the possibilities are endless.


While the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar is crafted with spirituality in mind, it's essential to consult with a spiritual advisor or healthcare provider before incorporating it into your spiritual practices, especially if you're new to the world of sacred mushrooms.


The Yumz Lab Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Chocolate Bar is not just a treat; it's a spiritual experience. Its unique blend of sacred Amanita Muscaria and heart-opening cacao offers a pathway to higher consciousness, spiritual awakening, and a deeper connection with the universe. Elevate your spiritual journey today with this mystical chocolate bar.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for educational and spiritual purposes only. Always consult with a spiritual advisor or healthcare provider before making any changes to your spiritual practices.