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Introducing YUMZ DRIP DROPS Nano D9+THC-A+THC-P live resin liquid filled thc gummies! The worlds first legal hemp liquid filled edibles! A delightful blend of taste and relaxation. This pack brings you a total of 3000mg of THC, conveniently divided into 10 gummies, each delivering a well-measured 300mg of Delta 9 THC.

🍍 Flavor Explosion: Imagine biting into a tropical paradise with our Pineapple Chamoy flavored gummies. The exterior bursts with the tangy zest of ripe pineapple, while the inside oozes with the exotic, spicy-sweet essence of chamoy. It's a flavor duo that dances on your palate and leaves you craving for more.

🌿 Triple Cannabinoid Power: Each gummy is a powerhouse containing 300mg of NANO D9, THC-A, and THC-P. This unique blend offers a multi-dimensional experience that elevates your senses, calms your mind, and rejuvenates your body.

🔬 Nano-Enhanced Absorption: Our cutting-edge NANO technology ensures rapid absorption and higher bioavailability, allowing you to feel the effects faster and longer. No more waiting around; your journey to relaxation begins almost immediately.

🌱 Farm Bill Compliant: Rest easy knowing that our gummies are 100% legal under the Farm Bill. We adhere to strict quality standards and rigorous testing to ensure you're getting a product that not only works but is also safe and compliant.

🌈 Mood-Boosting Goodness: Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, enhance your creativity, or simply elevate your everyday experiences, our gummies offer a convenient and delicious way to improve your mood.

🍬 Perfectly Portable: Packaged in a sleek, resealable bag, these gummies are your perfect travel companion. Whether you're hitting the gym, the beach, or a night out with friends, just grab a bag and go!

🌟 Why Choose Yumz Drip Dropz?

  • 🎯 Precision Dosing: Each gummy offers a consistent 300mg dose, taking the guesswork out of your wellness routine.
  • 💯 Highest Quality Ingredients: We go above and beyond in sourcing the best ingredients. 

🛒 Ready for the Ultimate Gummy Experience? Don't wait! Elevate your senses and enrich your well-being with Yumz Drip Dropz 3000mg NANO D9+THC-A+THC-P Gummies. Your journey to a more vibrant, relaxed, and flavorful life starts here. Add to cart now and let the adventure begin! 🛒

  • Includes 300mg per gummy of live resin Nano D8 + D9 + THC-A + THC-P
  • 10 gummies total
  • Farm Bill Compliant and Legal in Most States
  • Enjoy Cotton Candy, Sour Apple or Fruit Punch
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free
  • Must be 21 Years or Older to Purchase

ADULT USE ONLY. Not for sale to persons under 21 years of age.

SUGGESTED USE: Once daily or as needed.

WARNING: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming this product. May cause drowsiness. Do not combine with alcohol or medication. Use responsibly and follow Suggested Use guidelines.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including myrcene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and THC, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

FARM BILL COMPLIANT: Total hemp-derived Delta 9 THC concentration does not exceed 0.3% by weight. Consuming this product could result in the consumer failing a drug test for marijuana.


Do not use if pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive with a partner. Consult a doctor before use.

Adult use only 21+. Our hemp extracted Delta 9 THC products are high potency full spectrum products that are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and can be purchased in most states*

Note: Yumz Drip Drops is not available in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oregon, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vemont, West Virginia 

While we do our best to maintain this content with the most relevant regulatory information, we may not always have the chance to do so, so this information may not always be 100% up to date.

Additionally, some states and local vicinities may have enacted specific laws and/or regulations regarding this product that we may not be aware of. For that reason, you are strongly advised to consult with your attorney or research the specific laws and regulations in your state and/or local vicinity in order to fully understand the legality of Live Resin Disposables in your state or city of residence.